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Equity Investment Intern
Job Requirements

1.This internship opportunity is open to current students studying in the fields of electronic information, computer science, software engineering, material engineering, medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, or those who have relevant work experience in these industries. The students should be studying at domestic 211 or 985 universities, or foreign universities ranked in the top 50 by QS, USNews and other world university rankings.

2.The ideal candidate should have fast learning ability and excellent research and analysis skills. Candidates with internship experience in private equity/venture capital, securities firms, Big Four accounting firms, consulting firms, or related industries are preferred.

3.Proficiency in using Excel and PPT is required.

4.The candidate should have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork spirit, excellent communication skills, and self-motivation.

5.The internship requires a commitment of at least 3 days per week for 3-6 months. The candidate should be able to start as soon as possible.

Job Descriptions

1.Participate in industry research training programs and complete relevant stage requirements.

2.Participate in industry and company research, and write research reports.

3.Participate in investment due diligence, investment execution, post-investment management, and complete project investment analysis reports.

4.Participate in financial analysis, establish financial models, valuation and other basic work.

5.Assist in the operation of the investment process, and collect and organize information and data related to fund projects.

6.Assist in completing other daily investment affairs.



It has been discovered that some entities or individuals maliciously impersonate our company and our employees, and conduct illegal financing through live broadcasts on the internet to profit illegally. Such illegal behavior has seriously damaged our image. We kindly remind you not to believe in information released other than our official channels, official channels of Hengxu Capital include - website:; WeChat account: Hengxu Capital (ID: Hengxucapital). Our solemn statement:


1.Illegal behavior carried out by anyone who impersonates our company or our employees will be subject to legal action and take legal responsibility for rights infringement, we pursue protecting the legitimate rights and interests of our company and our personnel. Hengxu Capital will not tolerate such illegal activities, we have taken and will continue to take legal action to pursue the legal responsibility of individuals or entities engaged in such illegal activities.


2.Hengxu Capital is a private equity and venture capital fund manager registered with Asset Management Association of China, and conducts business strictly in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements. To avoid losses, we would like to remind investors to be vigilant and invest through legal and legitimate channels, and not believe in false information obtained from non-official channels of Hengxu Capital.


3.Thank you for your kind support and attention. If you find any abnormal identity or information, please contact us for verification in a timely manner. At the same time, we encourage you to actively provide information and report aforementioned illegal activities at +86-21-22016849. Victim is requested to report to local police promptly to protect your own interests, and  ensure offenders are held accountable as soon as possible.


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Aug. 22, 2022